Talk to me, Abba.

Perhaps you saw a post about our tire blowing out, knocking out the head light, and ripping off the fender on Sunday. Jesus protected us from a serious accident, but there is much repair needed. Come Monday, we went to Discount Tire to get the tire replaced. We took two cars so we could get around while the tire was being replaced. We also came home in two cars. 

I was driving the van back and since it had no a.c., I decided to stop and get the girls and I a drink. I was turning the corner and I saw a couple that looked like they may be handicapped in some way. Then as I was sitting in the drive-thru, they walked in front of me with their little girl and a baby in a stroller. The little girl, about 7, looked at me and I just felt the craziest rush of love for her. The cashier was being a bit slow. That gave the perfect amount of time for God to impress upon my heart to buy them dinner. I had twenty bucks in my purse. God had twenty bucks in my purse. I asked the cashier to give the guy the money. Oh my. I enjoy getting to give away God's money. My heart was swelling with love and prayer for these people I had never met. 

Thanks for letting me share your joy, Abba. 


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