I've Got Your Back by James C. Galvin

I honestly would never want to read some boring book on leadership, but the word parable drew me in. I wondered what I might see wrapped in a story that I might not see in a guide book to leadership. As page built on page, I thought this was such a brilliant concept. The story made concepts and problem areas come alive in a way that no chart or diagram ever could. 

I could see myself in the people in this story. I could see my own struggles and reluctance. There were clear examples of how how being a good follower grows you into a great leader. James shows the types and levels of followership as well as follower abuse. Often, in the church and in ministry people abuse power and hurt those who are seeking to serve the Lord under them. This is an excellent resource for seeing clear to the type of leadership and follwership we are called to. It is also a call to cease complaining about our leaders and our jobs and follow well. Grab your copy. This is an excellent read.

This book was graciously provided for by the publisher for review.


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