This Is How the Other Half Live.

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I was wondering what I was going to blog about and then I remembered that we have countertops! Well, well, aren't we the fancy ones. I mean, I just want to spill something and wipe it up for fun. It actually hasn't set in yet. I keep going into the room and being surprised at how much it looks like a real room. 
So, y'all remember me telling you a few weeks ago that I had the money but I did not have the peace to order the counter tops. Five days later, a man walks up to my husband at BSF, where he leads worship, and strikes up a conversation about the music. Then, the man asked if they wouldn't happen to be in need of countertops because that is what he did. Divine appointment. 
A few weeks later, Peter shows up to install our countertop. I honestly couldn't believe it. Even when this huge truck shows up. 
This is the first piece that went on. I just stared and stared at it. Giddy couldn't even describe the feeling that overcame Denbigh and I. We might as well have been going to our first junior high dance.
It was weird because we didn't do anything to help these guys out. This is the first thing that has happened in out house that we didn't work on ourselves. We paid someone else to do it. Denbigh looked at me and said, "So this is how the other half live." Quite the glamorous life, indeed.
Look at that, friends. That's living at it's finest.
Here they are. Pray showers of blessings on these lovely guys who installed our countertop. Then, pray blessings for all the people who bought art work out of my Etsy shop. 
The sign on the wall says, "Your heavenly Father feeds them."
Y'all. This is real. It is not some sort of renovator's mirage. It is real life. 
Here is my man putting the faucet back in. We had to wait a day to use it so he benevolently took me out to eat.

Then look at these colors doing a fabulous dance of complimenting each other. Four years with no countertop. Four years on my culinary mission field. Now, I can clean this surface. Honestly, I had a little cry about it. This woman cried over a counter top. You know how it is when you go a long time without something and then, without a shadow of a doubt, you know God gave it to you. I had always had a countertop in my previous life and never thought anything of it. Jesus gave me this one and I'm enamored.


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