It is Finished by David Wilkerson

David Wilkerson has presented a work for those of us who are tired of being pulled down by the weight of our sin and wanting to find hope in Christ. The book addresses how we are to find freedom in the promises of the New Covenant. We can truly do nothing to aid in our independence from our sin. Even the desire to be free is a gift of Jesus.

I was wondering what David might have in store for us as I began reading this book. There are truly too many people giving bad opinions on our way out of sin. Truth is, there is one way out. There is one High Priest who grants us our redemption and our freedom. Anything we try to do in order to escape sin ourselves puts us in bondage to the Old Covenant. We are trying, like Uzziah, to be our own High Priest. 

More than anything, I found this book to be worshipful. It was page after page of reasons why only Christ could save us from our sin. With so many being engaged in casting off demons and trying to help Christ do His work, this is a beautiful and rare reminder that only Christ can accomplish these things. Only Christ can dispel the darkness. Only Christ can bring forth the light. We must but ask Him alone.

Read this book. Worship the Lord.


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