Amazing Love by Corrie ten Boom

As many of you know, I have been on a personal quest to read all of the writings of Corrie ten Boom. Her display of Christ has done nothing short of changing my life. Every story I read of profound forgiveness and graciousness challenge me in every aspect. I reflect back and wonder how much I have lost by refusing to be gracious or see things for what they are. I have come to know that there are no coincidences in Christ. He is always purposeful. He has a heavy agenda of grace. Ours is generally self-serving and it is applauded by the general public. It is not what Jesus is calling us to. Through transparent humility, Corrie shows us what our lives should look like. She just as often shows us in defeat as she does in victory.

This book is no exception to the gracious beauty Corrie ten Boom displays for us. Story after story reveals to the reader the power of forgiveness in the lives of those she met after the war. There are dozens of sections detailing the powerful way she saw people extending forgiveness to each other. Then there are gorgeous real life parables of how men came to understand that Christ's blood covered all of their sins in their entirety. Nothing is beyond the power of God's grace.

One of my favorite tales in the book is about a time when she was asked to go and speak to a group of a few hundred refugees who had taken up living in an abandoned factory. She said she must live among them first and gain the right to speak to them. She gave up her home and comforts to live in squalor and earn the right to tell them of Christ.


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