A Little Help From Our Friends.

Denbigh and I love people. We love all the interesting things about what makes others unique. We enjoy rich character. Sometimes, in the midst of all the people that surround us on this planet, God reaches deep into recesses of our flawed hearts and gives us a special love for a certain people. I call this a Holy Spirit love affair. I cannot explain it any other way. I say that because I fully know our hearts are naturally wicked and selfish. Somehow, He gives this grace to love and go many extra miles to show love to these people. For some, this seems glamorous. Perhaps, they have been called to foreign missions. We seem to romanticize this for some reason. This call  came to us. God didn't tell us to pack our bags and head to Africa. He asked us to buy a run down mansion in a dilapidated town of very few people. He asked us to serve pastors and Christian workers who had been wounded like we had. 

Sometimes, people think we must have money to do this or find this restoration to be an elegant undertaking. These people must not have been here. It's tough. It's dirty. On many an occasion it will drive us to tears. Christ in His mercy continually lends His gentle push for us to keep going. He reminds us over and over to simply ask Him for what we need. We do. He has never failed to show up and pour out into this place in abundance. 

 That is why we are throwing open the doors to our house on October 20th. We want to share with you the beauty of the Lord in this town. We want to invite you to be a part of our story. You can help us restore, love, and feed our neighbors. Mostly, we want you to see something important. The same way God has not forgotten this tiny place that rarely shows up on any map, God has not forgotten you. You are dearly loved. 
Step into our story. 

Join us for our annual Fish Fry Fundraiser.
October 20th - 

Buy tickets.



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