Oh, Gomer!

 It has been an eventful few weeks here. As soon as we returned from camp and our end of summer trip, we got to work. We only have a small window before baby girl number 3 arrives. 
 We had our first guest of the fall and Denbigh promptly put her to work. The funny part of this fence is that I sent the man to Lowe's to buy some boards for the kitchen. He returns with four pieces of fence. He tells me that it was a sign because they were on sale. The problem here is that we need about $3,500.00 more in fence just to do the front half section of our property. I guess he will have to start selling his famous pie to raise money for this fence.
 Here is one of his helpers.
 The curls on the other helper.
 The one that kept shaking the gate.
 We now have an idea of how sturdy the thing is.
 Ashley was laughing at Denbigh and coming up with many ideas for how he could raise money for each $35.00 piece of fence.
 I said I have seen alot of unusual things here, but this is a first. I have never had a fence in the foyer.
 Denbigh also put the first coat of "Stillness" on the kitchen ceiling. We bought a new fan for the kitchen and have to paint it and put up the cross beams before we can install the fan.
 I love the bead board and the lovely shadow of the chandelier.
 Here is the portion of fence I got up to when I was headed to the doctor on Tuesday morning. Now, we are just asking God to complete it. If you see people peddling pie or picking up cans on the side of the road, it's us. We're trying to get more fence.
 Here is a painting I did to raise money for the kitchen. 
 So, I dusted, swept, and mopped all 2,500 square foot of the second floor. Then, my husband decided to tear a few things apart and make a huge mess. At least he was being productive. Now, I clean again. He had to move this air intake down so we could insulate and still be able to open it and change the filter.
He also went about finishing the foam portion of the ceiling to help insulate. We have one piece left to go. We also washed and waxed the rocking chairs, tables, and swing outside. The yard is mowed. The flower beds are being weeded. I have been de-cluttering closets and everything else I can get to. I guess I am in full nesting mode. 
Here is another painting I did to raise money for Gomer. This is an 8x10. It is $15.00. Thanks for checking in on us. If you come across any fence laying around, Send it our way. 
Mark your calendars for October 20th. We are having a Fish fry shindig and fundraiser to help us feed our neighbors. Thanks so much. Love to you all.


Oh,Gomer is getting so beautiful! Love you.

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