Ode to Male Modesty

I often thank my husband for wearing normal clothes that fit him. You may think that this is an odd thing to thank your husband for, but as a worship leader, it's really an abnormality. Now, I'm not the morality police, but the trend for male worship leaders is getting quite disturbing.

When the skinny jeans first gripped the male worship leading scene it didn't bother me. I like different and seeing a little European flare is always a fun thing. As will all trends though, a little is never enough. So the pants get tighter and tighter. They got so tight that I was wondering if all these guys were trying to get side jobs in the ballet. Seriously, there are some sights that you don't need to see when the guy singing praise songs in front of you is on stage with his mid-section at eye level.

Then, for some reason, people started combining that thug look of having your pants halfway down your derriere with the skinny jeans. Now, we get to see the package and the bunched up undies. Oh wait, what if they made it cool to wear shirts that are too short and too small. Awesome. Now, when we go to worship, we get a lovely picture of the package, the bunched up undies, the crack of their derriere, their midriff, and that weird thing shirts do under the arm when they are too small. Awesome. Glory.

I mean, when girls dress scantily, books are written, slogans are made. Who doesn't remember "modest is hottest"? Why hasn't Josh Harris, author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye, written us a concise 3 point sermon on this? Where is Jon Acuff when you need him to hop out from the bushes dressed as a super hero or the guy from what not to wear? 

So, it's funny, but really fellas, wear real clothes that don't belong to your little sister and instead of attempting to bring sexy back, let's try a little class.


Jennifer said…
Oh Stephanie, I laughed through this whole post!! I'm so glad I have never witnessed this myself, sounds disturbing!!
Stephen said…
well, I guess I need to take those skinny jeans back that I bought for Denbigh.. But yes, I agree..

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