Mondays With My Old Pastor by Jose Luis Navajo

Mondays With My Old Pastor brings you into the story of a burned out pastor who is seeking answers and solace for his broken spirit. José Luis Navajo tells us that a strange exhaustion persisted in his soul and was difficult to explain or endure. This is where our story picks up. José's wife encourages him to go and meet with his old pastor. Through visiting his pastor each Monday we see the healing that focusing on Christ instead of success can bring. The story takes us on an amusing, thought provoking, gut wrenching time of discovery. This is a book for anyone looking for hope.

I cannot give this book enough accolades. This is exactly the kind of thing that we do as pastors and missionaries come to seek solace in our respite. These are the same type of words of hope we give them. Somehow, those of us who work in the church have a tendency to focus on our personal successes and failures so much that we lose sight of the fact that God loves us and wants to pursue us. We need to constantly be bathed in the truth that we are precious to Christ.

I highly recommend this book. It is an excellent reminder of the love of God and a call to tender, intimate prayer with Christ. If you are weary or wandering, grab a copy of this book.


Thank you for the deep reminder that we are bathed in His love. I needed to hear this right now. Love you.

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