Gomer Blows It Up

 Do you remember when AOL came out? There were all these chat rooms you could talk to people in. Well, despite my hard childhood, I was really naive about some things. I came across a chat room called "Friends of Bill." I thought it was a fun name for a group and so I hung out in there chatting with some people. Some of you may know who Bill is. Perhaps you are laughing at me. You would think I would know with so many alcoholics in my family. Alas, I did not know that "Friends of Bill" was the chat room for Alcoholics Anonymous. It was so embarrassing. Every week when I write this blurb about our house on my blog and start it "Friends of Gomer," I laugh at myself a little. Now you know my story.

Friends of Gomer, if you have been following us on our facebook page, you will have knowledge of the fact that some very manly men came to our house and ripped apart my kitchen. Then, these manly men set the cabinets ablaze. It was a truly liberating experience. It might have been one of the happiest moments of the last few years (besides giving birth). Yes, manly men are fabulous. I highly recommend having them come to your house. 

So, you are wanting to glean some spiritual fruit from my observances. As I was looking at old pictures of when we bought the house and the work to the kitchen over the years, I realized that things just got uglier and uglier. When renovation is forthcoming, things get intense degrees of ugly before they come into their beauty. In the case of the kitchen, we found all kinds of funky stuff. There were bugs and mice to eradicate in the beginning. We ripped up an ugly floor to reveal a really ugly floor. Doors were removed to showcase extreme rot. Trapped between the bottom of the cabinet and the subfloor was a 20 year old petrified squirrel. We have no idea how it made it's way in there. Do you see what I am saying? Our journey to lovely was littered with some nasty revelation. This is what happens when God is overhauling our flesh. Don't be surprised. Don't get sidetracked staring at it or thinking that you will never be able to get beyond your petrified squirrel. There's a new subfloor coming. The foundation is laid. 
Press on to beauty.
 Here, you can see that they were ripping up the hideous vinyl floor .
 Then, they cut holes and run boodles of wiring.
 More wiring.
 This crew has saved us thousands upon thousands of dollars in labor. Don't they look like Charlie's Angels meets Tim "the tool man" Taylor.
 The cabinets ablaze. Glory!
 Remember, this wall was home to some hideous cabinetry. Do you love the new subfloor?
 Our neighbor Eddie came to help.
 more wiring.
 Denbigh was so excited to use Stephen's new drill tool. I've never seen two grown men so happy.
 Wiring the new light over the stove.
 The sink housing fell apart so they threw together another one.
 The first sheet of drywall.
Yasha helping Daddy unwrap the new chandelier that arrived.


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