The Coffee Shop

We have a funny tradition here at Gomer's House. Every year we celebrate Groundhog's day. Now, before you go thinking we have lost our minds and become supersticious, listen up. When we came to live here, I had never lived in a non-comfortable environment in my life. Things in my surroundings were always above par. Everything was always in its place. Then, God told us to move to this gigantic old house. The house did not have a lick of insulation. By that, I mean that it was cold. Basically, it was about  two degrees colder inside than out. Once, It was 42 degrees in our bedroom. Now, we have central heat on the floor we live on, but with no insulation, it just blows outside. Thus, it became our joke to know what Phil (the groundhog) said was going to happen with our winter. Now, the furrball is only right less than half a percent so you can't put stock in it, but it's fun. We watch Groundhog Day every year and have friends come to visit us. This year we went to eat at The Coffee Shop because Bill Murray's character in the movie is continually eating breakfast (since he is living the same day over and over). Now, this motley crew of groundhog friends are downstairs ripping up our kitchen. Any normal person might find it rude for people to rip up your kitchen, but I am elated. Kitchen cabinets cometh. The chandelier and drain flange come day. Control your excitement.

So, The Coffee Shop is our favorite place to get breakfast. They have huge, fluffy pancakes and the best sunny side up eggs around. It's on Main Street in downtown Luling, TX. They serve breakfast all day and  have a quaint, old downtown building. They don't have a website, but here is a map.


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