South Congress Cafe

An installment of
Two Blondes on Congress.

Suzi and I hit the South Congress Cafe in Austin, Texas. We marveled at the lovely food. Dear Suzi swore up and down that they put some sort of drug into the Butternut Squash Soup. I love the version at Bordeaux's and was skeptical that they could improve upon it. Surprise. Surprise. They laced it with something heavenly. My oh my.

My gal pal and I were both feeling like eating out of the box and settled on the Warm Goat Cheese Salad. Suzi added chicken and I was allowed to add seared tuna (which wasn't on the add in menu). Delectable. Sweet delectable joy. I couldn't even finish it because the portions were large and completely satisfying. Sweet Georgia Brown. I may never recover. Please add in any other southern sayings you can think of to help you understand that I loved this meal. 

The atmosphere was fun. The dishes unique. Stay tuned for what we find on Congress next

Buon Appetito!
PS. We loved the Hibiscus Mint Tea.


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