Romance Is Afoot

Here is our makeshift heater in the carriage house.
We hosted a community dinner this past Tuesday evening and about 40 people showed up that don't attend our church. I didn't get pictures of everyone because I was holding a baby. There were fabulous people in the kitchen and children in the playroom.

In the playroom, my daughter was playing with a group of girls from the neighborhood. In typical dramatic fashion, Laomai said that she must leave and go to pray to God. One of the little girls looked at her completely serious and asked, "Who is God?" So Denbigh told her about our Creator.
My beloved husband has been building a work area in the carriage house and placing all the things that are cluttering the utility room up out there. It is fantastic. Soon I will be able to walk in that room again.

If you are engaged to anyone living in our house, read no further. Spoiler alert.
Our live in college student made this ring box for the engagement ring he is going to give to his beloved.
This is the engagement ring he made her out of wood. I loved the simplicity of it. I also loved the picture of it hanging between all the tools.
I have no idea why they are looking at me so silly. 


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