Talk to me, Abba.

My heart wants to pour out blessing on you. When you walk in disobedience, you choose to live under a curse. Live in My blessing. Do what I ask you, not as a way of keeping points, but as a way of delighting in Me. I lay out good things for you. Even the laws and the prophets laid out what is good. Delight in it. Delight in Sabbath. Stop complaining about not having enough rest. Take rest. Delight in rest. The work that needed to be done has been done. Rest in that. Christ did the work. I offered Him when the covenant was broken and I kept My part. As I stood between the dead animals and made a covenant with Abraham, I said that if this covenant be broken may this happen to Me. So, I sent Myself by way of Christ and was broken and bloodied, torn like an animal, so that you might be with Me. Delight in Easter.

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