All In A Day's Work

People are always asking me how I get done what I do. I actually had no idea and so I thought about what I do each day. What is your routine like?

I am a goal oriented person. If I set a goal to read a book or finish a project, I typically work on it until I am done (often staying up way too late). That led me to break my goals up. For example, I gave myself a goal of reading 56 books a year about 2 years ago. For me not to spend hours a day reading, I open to the back of the book and see how many pages there are. I divide the pages by 7 and then I have my daily reading goal. It's usually 25-30 pages a day.

My morning starts in the middle of the night. Usually I feel God prompting me to get up around 3 a.m. to pray and I lay out on the floor next to my bed and pray as long as He is telling me to. Then I go back to bed for a while.

After I get up and feed the tiny person who lives in my house I start my official day. Every day I have a "most important" list of things I do.

1. Read my chapters for reading the Bible in a year. (I do a different translation each year)
2. Do my daily devotional journal. This year I am doing Come Away, My Beloved.
3. Read my 25-30 pages of whatever book I am reading.
4. Write in my prayer journal.
5. Do scripture memory with Laomai

Three days a week Laomai and I do homeschool. I try to schedule and plan the meals I do in advance so I don't waste time trying to figure out what I am going to cook. Two or three days a week I will spend extra time remodeling and cleaning our house. I don't do that every day so that I don't burn out.

Other than that, my main goals are to play. I also love to write cards and write in my spare time.

Make time for what you love. Really organize the things you don't so that you don't waste time on them. I love lists and day planners. I plan my week on the Friday before and I try to always leave Sunday blank to experience the benefits of the Sabbath. I really love to serve and encourage others, to paint on canvas, to garden, and to cook. I also love to do Bible study. A personal goal is to have lunch with one friend a week. That is one of my favorites. I plan out surprises for my husband and my family. It is really quite a lot of fun! Perhaps I should do a post about how I do all of this. What do you think?
What does your day look like? What do you love?


Steve said…
After reading all you do each day, I can tell how unorganized I am.
God bless
Emily said…
Thank you for sharing! I have always wondered how you managed to do it all. I may "steal" this and modify it for my home. I like that you prioritize your "important list" and that you space out your dislikes, cleaning, etc. I tend to get distracted easily and definitely burnt out.
Love you!
So what does the tiny person do while you're doing all those reading assignments?
Steph Cherry said…
Steve, I often feel like I don't do anything. I am glad you feel like I do alot.

Emily, feel free to copy. I'm flattered.

Devon, I get up before her. Also, we read together. I started training her to have quiet time with me at about 18 months. She loves to read and pray with me. I hope that helps.
maggie may said…
for us, just cooking and cleaning up takes most of the day. since the kids are so young, they are limited in how much they can help with meal prep and clean up, although they are very good helpers.
Steph Cherry said…
Marge~ If I had 97 kids, 44 doctors appointments, and coordinating birth parent visits, I would be amazed to be able to survive each day. You are amazing!!!

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