We Think It'll Make Us Happy-It Just Makes Us Fat

Over the past few years I started wondering if we were fooling ourselves with all of the good works we do in church. This is going to sound completely offensive, but I was wondering if we were just running in circles trying to entertain middle class white people. I really began asking the Lord if we were glorifying Him or just saturating ourselves with more hording. Can you horde scripture about how God wants you to be fulfilled? It seems that most everything I hear is about us. What about the rest of the gospel?

I came across a quote recently in The Hole in Our Gospel:

"We have gone from being fishers of men to being keepers of the aquarium."
- Paul Harvey

I just sat there with the Lord and asked if He would remove anything that made keeping the aquarium alluring. Lord, I don't want to keep the aquarium.

As I read about the immense poverty world-wide, I am stunned by my own selfishness. I weep at the selfishness of the church. Does anyone notice that one in four children in third world countries is severely malnourished while more than one in four children in America is severely obese? What does this say about us? We have the most of the most and we give terribly little. Do we want to continue to entertain the modern church or do we want to begin making ready the fields for harvest? We have to quit placating and medicating ourselves so that we can be about the real work of the Father.


Jennifer said…
Amen Stephanie. Very convicting. Thank you for sharing what the Lord teaches you. He teaches me through you.
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you for your encouragement. It really does minister to me! <3
maggie may said…
whew! preach it girl!
when miggie came into our care, he was so malnourished he wasn't even on the growth chart.

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