Today we lost a dear relative, helped with a divine wedding, I gashed open my foot, ate an exquisite dinner, and our cat is having kittens. I am exhausted. Tomorrow, I shall blog and upload many gorgeous pics. Love and blessings to you all.


susan said…
Hey Steph!

Sorry for you loss and for your foot injury. Happy for the gift of cat life. Beginning of a new marriage...ahh! Love the picture. Love Deeann's art. Do you actually have the picture posted? Just wondering :o) It is an exquisite piece. xoxo
Warren Baldwin said…
Sorry about the loss of a friend and the injury.

The story about your grandmother was invaluable. I believe I am a minister today b/c of my grandfather's influence. We can never underestimate the power of a grandparents influence. It is good you have captured this image of your grandmother for your daughter to read someday.
Steph Cherry said…
Thank you everyone.

Warren, I could write a book about my grandmother. She seems to periodically show up on the blog. Grace and chutzpah!

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