Making Memories of Us

For over eight years I have been listening to Denbigh tell me stories. I noticed something a while back. All of his stories were centered around a memory that he made with someone he loved. There were series of special events that marked his mind. My highlights were usually favorite things or places that were a constant in my life so I was always trying to love him by giving him the things that made me feel loved.

Then, I realized that Denbigh longed to create memories of special events he shared with me. He also loves surprises (I don't really at all). So, I started plotting and calculating to make memories for him. I made a secret list of things I knew that he loved and I started trying to get him to see either the places or the people he enjoyed most. A lot of this stuff is expensive and it's hard for me to spend money on things that are not tangible. The thing I learned is that they are very tangible to him. I try to surprise him with something small once a month and something big a couple of times a year. As I was with him this past weekend on one of these jaunts, I was overcome with joy to see my husband unbelievably happy. I realized that I had ministered to him in a way that had made him feel deeply loved. I thanked the Lord for making me aware of how best to love my man and I am looking forward to making many more memories.
What is your spouse longing for?


Shelly9633 said…
What a great post, Stephanie. I know one of the things Ron likes the most is to talk to me, although I have no idea why. After I lost my job at Brazos, I told him that's all we talk about, and I didn't want to talk about it anymore, but your post made me realize that he NEEDS to talk about it, because he is still there. He knows I will understand what he's talking about, because I worked there too, so this weekend, as we go to the Marriage Retreat (Isn't God grand...He used you to show me this right before the retreat), I'm going to tell Ron that the bann against talking about Brazos has been removed.
Warren Baldwin said…
What a great idea and amazing way to communicate your love. Wonderful approach to your marriage and very good post.
Steph Cherry said…
Shelley, thank you for sharing. It is beautiful for me to get to see how God is ministering to you. I hope you had a glorious weekend away with your husband.

Thank you, Warren. You always encourage me.

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