A Little Bootleg Denbigh

Denbigh recently wrote this song that I really like. He recorded himself playing it on my iPhone. Understandably, it is not a studio track, but it's good. I have secretly uploaded it to the Internet to share with you nice people. Don't tell him.
♬ Click the retro cassette tape to hear it. ♫
Let me know what you think.


Jennifer said…
Wow! I really like it! The words and music are so good. He has such a gift!

BTW, I'm up at 3:30am with a fussy baby, I turned on this song to listen to it and Paul calmed right down and went to sleep. Thank you, Denbigh! :-)
I love that I got to sing praises with Denbigh acoustic this morning.
It was like he was hear sing to me.
Steph Cherry said…
Thanks Ladies! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Jen, I will let Denbigh know that he should do a lullaby album!
Sandra Bickham said…
"ARGH" Does that make you a pirate? Loved it!
Emily said…
I love it!
Steph Cherry said…
Pirate indeed!

Thanks, Ladies! I am glad that you enjoyed it!
It calmed my spirit.
Unknown said…
i love it. he's a healer, taking after his Papa.

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