A Spring Break Challenge

I want to issue a small challenge to you this week. It is two-fold. First, be positive. Avoid making your conversations consist of who is sick or gossip. Not only focus on the positive, focus only on the positive. Completely ditch the negative. You only have to do it for a week. Second, take a moment this week to tell someone who loves on, inspires, exhorts, encourages, or challenges you how very much they mean to you. Have a phenomenal week!

(Ever get taken the wrong way? This picture made me laugh.)

***We have a work day at Gomer's House this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
Come see the vineyard I am planting! Email me for more info.***


Jennifer said…
I'm up for the challenge!! I am meeting with my accountability partner this week so I am going to talk to her about us doing this challenge together. Thanks for the reminder to be an encourager instead of one who tears others down. :)

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