Jubilee Dirt!

I have started the process of redeeming our yard. My first project is to plant flowers down each side of our sidewalk. I have estimated that this will take a few hundred begonias. What was I thinking! Denbigh asked me if I was going to need new top soil. I thought of the recent lesson (in Bible Study Fellowship) about letting the land rest for Jubilee and I realized this land had been at rest 20 years! Jubilee dirt!! In fact, I have never seen anything so lovely. It is beautifully aerated. Jubilee dirt. I like it.

Things I thought of while gardening:
1. Why is it called a sidewalk when it goes down the middle?
2. Is a male black widow called a black widower?


Tiffany Atwood said…
Jubilee Dirt! I love it!!! This dirt is ready to be USED by our mighty God to bring glory to Himself through the work you are doing with Gomer's House. What stunning beauty! Love you!!

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