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Last week the Cherry family thought it would be a great idea to go to the beach with a hurricane coming.

Some of our beloved friends in Houston and the Woodlands did not fare so well. Many have trees through their houses and everything inside is ruined.

I read one friend's blog that said the strength of this hurricane serves as a reminder of how terrible God is. Stay with me here.

ter·ri·ble [ter-uh-buhl] Pronunciation Key
distressing; severe: a terrible winter.
extremely bad; horrible: terrible coffee; a terrible movie.
exciting terror, awe, or great fear; dreadful; awful.
formidably great: a terrible responsibility.
As I was reading through the Old Testament a few years ago this is the trait of God that really stood out to me. This is the one thing people say God is not. He would never cause cancer, famine, or a hurricane. We may not be able to wrap our minds around how God uses tragedy, but it is true that He does.

God makes His name by great and terrible things. 1 Chron 17:21

Christ's return is referred to as the great and terrible day of the Lord. -Malachi 4:5

The name of my blog came from this idea of our terrible God. The terrible nature of God set a relentless war against the pride in my heart. He used the most terrible circumstances to break me. I am grateful. I love this aspect of His character. He is willing to rip comfort from my hand in order to mold me in the image of His Son.

In some way I identify with this terrible side of God. As a Biblical counselor you never get to say the warm fuzzy things that make people like you. Before it's all over, people probably will hate you at some point and you have to wait for the work of God to be done in them before they realize that their flesh was allowing them to attack you. Are you willing to do it? Are you willing to let someone hate you in order for them to hear the word and let the Spirit do the work? Every day I have to recommit to this.

Are you willing to tell people that the cannot blame their sin nature on their upbringing or their heredity, but simply on the fact that the human heart is wicked and deceptive? We are responsible for our own actions. They may hate you. People want a scapegoat. When the object of our disdain is removed we easily find another one. Right now, yours might be me. We are sinful. We are fallen. We want to blame the lady up the street that makes us feel bad about ourselves, but we may very well be the problem. Have you asked Him?
We trick ourselves into thinking we are merciful, kind, and show unconditional love. The truth is that we are selective in these things. It is easy to show these things to people in need...people we help. Are you willing to be terrible in order for someone to be free from bondage? I don't mean unkind. I am simply asking if you are willing to say the hard things. Are you willing to let your friends not like you in order for them to have chains removed from them spiritually?

Job 5:18 

  For he wounds, 
but he also binds up; 
       he injures, 
but his hands also heal.

Why is it so exciting to go and share the truth on mission trips and so hard to show kindness to the people on our block or in our pew?



Trading Chaotic Lifestyles for

Connected Relationships.

By Randy Frazee, Zondervan 2004
Here is an excerpt about Family Meal time.

Discovering the Convivium – The Importance of Sharing a Meal.

The Meal: The “convivium” is the Latin word for “feast”. Discovering the convivium is at the core of trading accumulation and activity for conversation and community as a way of life. With this vision, the house becomes a place of safety, replenishment, and refuge with a cover on it. In simple terms, to miss the meal, or to rush it, can only spell failure. If we are to make room for life, we must rediscover the convivium. We must return to a time when food is placed back on the table – and it is worth eating slowly – and where conversation is not rushed.

Food Preparation: One of the keys to a good meal is that it must be wholesome and good for the body, but doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy. This food preparation can be shared. If you can’t cook, find a handful of simple recipes that are wholesome and good for you, cook in large quantities, and freeze some meals. Another option may be to share a meal with neighbours (or your small group). The workload is spread out and the conversation is expanded.

On Saying Grace: So many positive things begin while seated at the dinner table – respect, good communication skills, proper table manners, the humble thanking of God for our blessings.

The Art of Dinner Table Conversations: Here is how it works in our family. After we have said grace and the food is on each person’s plate, we simply tell about our day. Each person starts with the time they got up and then chronologically unfolds the details.

Buon Appetito!


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Just finished blogging and read yours, we were on the same wave length. Have a WILD Wednesday:)

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