Welcome to The Show

In baseball, they refer to the major league as "the show." As in, if you went from the minors to the majors, you are now in "the show." In the church arena, I refer to Easter as "the show." It seems, with due cause, to be the most important and busy time of the year. It's the time of year that many people who have left church will visit with their families or simply because they feel that they need to be there. There are so many events in the month of April that it boggles the mind. It can give you the overwhelming sensation that you really need to be on your game. We don't. No lofty speeches about pursuing excellence from me. 

The beauty of the season can most wonderfully be seen from the lens of Lent. Of course, we all have these views of Lent that come from our various walks with the church, but Lent is truly a gift. I was recently reading through the lenten portion of The Liturgical Year. I am time and time again struck by the wonder of being asked to lay aside the trappings of this life to enjoy Christ. For some reason, we think of Lent as only a somber season of denial. There is great joy in sacrifice and setting down things to fully immerse ourselves in the joy of Jesus, the One and only.

“Lent is a call to renew a commitment grown dull, perhaps, by a life more marked by routine than reflection.” 
Excerpt from The Liturgical Year

I often tell about a story I read in a book by Corrie ten Boom on spiritual warfare. She was telling of the warfare that was going on around her and her sister Betsy at the concentration camp. They were being starved and barely had anything left in them to fight with. Corrie says that they decided to proclaim their involuntary starvation as a fast unto the Lord. The spiritual warfare and darkness ceased. I love this because they were not voluntarily fasting from something. They simply submitted a forced fast unto the Lord. Submit the thing that you are doing without to Jesus. Proclaim a fast unto the Lord. Release those you are awaiting emotional fulfillment from. Proclaim a fast.

Enjoy our Jesus.


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