It's Practically Southern Living.

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Perhaps you tuned in yesterday when I waxed poetic about the irises in my Southern garden. It's practically Southern Living over here, lovelies. I talked about my day of bringing things down from the third floor and the fact that I clocked eight miles on my fitbit in the house that day. It was crazy.

We have so much stuff. We have stuff in boxes and against all of our walls in this enormous house. We did have a cute normal-sized house before we moved here. When we get out the things we had in our house before, they look like miniature versions of how they perfectly fit our other home. That means we had to let go. Then people give us stuff left and right. Some of it is nice and some isn't. The trouble is that we have so much stuff that we can't get to the walls to finish the work. I had a bone-deep need to purge so we can finish working around here. 

I cleaned out about half of the third floor and sold or gave stuff away. It was quite a bit of fun for me. People aren't going to garage sales because they have buckets of I sold some things and gave many more away. I made some new friends and learned about people's lives. I gave away bulbs from my garden. It was great.

The Denbigh (aka my man) was leading worship at a men's retreat. (I had a garage sale with my three girls in tow and it was crazy.) He also spent about 100 hours working on the Carolina Creek Christian Camp summer theme song and cd. Chad Jaso produced it and it is fantastic. Chad is in the O Hellos. He's brilliant. Catch him live if you can. 

...and these are the days of our lives... Now to clean up Gomer from the yard sale boxes and dirt I drug all around.  

Keep loving people, y'all. 


Anonymous said…
So glad your sale went well. Blessings abound!


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