Sam Houston BSM at Gomer

This past weekend was perfectly delightful. Five guys from the Sam Houston State University BSM stayed with us and volunteered. Friday night they showed up around six in the evening and put together our new trampoline. My girls were in bed when they finished putting it together, so I tested it out for them. Of course, they all were on there over the next day. They did this for the children, I'm sure. 

They did a ton of work around the property by cleaning up brush, putting up more fence, trimming our giant trees, and putting foam on the ceiling in the living room. They are all around nice guys that bless us. We are so grateful for their coming. Thank you, gentleman, for your hard work and gracious hearts. Come again anytime.

What I made for supper: Chicken breast topped with cream cheese, jalapeƱo, bacon, and a slice of aged swiss. 

In other news, our beloved bassist and drummer are going on tour with the O Hellos and opening for Need To Breathe. We have been interviewing fill in players. I'm really thankful for the journey that God has our boys (who are truly grown men) on. Bless the Lord. 

It's a month from the start of summer camp season, y'all. I'm trying to prepare myself mentally for this. It's pretty hard to leave home for 3.5 months. It is a wonderful place to be ad the staff is amazing. It's just hard because my husband is busy all day and night. I really miss him. Everyone is so busy that I don't have much fellowship. It's kind of lonely. I am happy to go a serve and counsel and love people though. It is rich and rewarding. Pray for all of the staff there. You can only imagine the warfare that hits these people. SO much kingdom work is happening and the enemy is on an all out war against it.

I'll be home some this summer as well hosting groups and guests. I am grateful to do it. Please think about volunteering here for an hour or a day or a week. Bring your husband, bestie, small group, or church. 

love y'all.


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