Your World Needs Pie.

My Etsy store has been going crazy and I haven't had a chance to blog. Here I am. I also started cracking pecans for my man. The world needs pie. If you are wondering what is going on over here with us at Gomer's House, here's your update. First, let me tell you how our last month stacked up. We wrecked our car. Our other car died. The company that carries our house insurance has decided to no longer cover us. (A restoration is high risk). The man who we are buying the house from had an option to either continue our loan after a time period or get a balloon payment. He has chosen to not continue our loan. As we try to get another loan we come to understand that half of our income doesn't count because we have only been working at the church for a year. For it to count on our credit, it needs to be two years. Our monthly income needs to increase as well. Pray for favor for Denbigh's income to increase. Basically, we need two cars, an insurance carrier, and a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. 

We were given 6 new tires for our old Explorer and trailer that we use for camp. Ol' moon walkin' Astronaut Charlie Duke gave us his extra car.(Bless the Lord!) Our church and Denbigh's BSF class took up an offering to help with our car situation as well. Now, we just need more monthly income and a loan for $150,000. Oh, insurance. Waiting on Jesus here. Does anyone have any advice?

On Monday, my dear friend Joanie ran a booth for my art in Brownwood and sold almost everything she had. The owner of the local art gallery stopped by and said he wants me to come do shows. I'm at $21,000 raised for Gomer. 

We have had a great week leading worship at Carolina Creek for Lutheran South. It's always a joy to be with them. The lake and the trees are especially beautiful this time of year.

Y'all ready for pie? You can buy pecan pie from the pecans in our yard. I have been cracking them for days. Every dollar made goes to support Gomer's House. You can also make a donation online for your pie at UCP. We will be selling them through Christmas Eve. 

Pecan Pies


Anonymous said…
Thank you for writing. Your BlogSpot is very nice and it is good to be able to read things from the heart. I wish you well. May blessings abound as you continue to keep a fixed gaze on Jesus.

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