Hosea 3:2

 Hey, y'all. It's been a wild week here at casa de Gomer. Our insurance agent found a company willing to cover us for DOUBLE the rate. We are still shopping around. As you might know, we are not wealthy people. That's why this house is such walk of faith for us. Being hospitable isn't just opening our doors, cooking meals, and letting people sleep over. I work a part time job of doing art work so that people can come here. It's often about four hours a day. During the holiday season it's much more. I am often up til one in the morning painting. We crack pecans and prepare pies to sell. Then we are sanding, staining, painting, doing carpentry. This is the lengths we are going to in order to learn God's grace through the spirit of hospitality.

As I am looking at our mortgage situation, I often think it would be a relief to lose our house. I also know it never has belonged to me. It is such a hard walk. There are so many things that I cannot share because they would defame others, but the journey has been far too great for me. It's lonely and it hurts. There is this push within the very core of who I am that wants to fight for her anyway. Even if it is just me, I want to fight. Even if I cry every single day. I want anyone who desires to tuck up in the wing of Jesus to have a place to do that. There is a Gomer who needs to be redeemed and a Hosea that has been wounded by his spouse. I want to leave the light on for them. I want the light on for me.

I shared on our Facebook page that Hosea 3:2 has been my prayer over this house for quite some time. The verse is after all of Gomer's adultery and waywardness. It is when God tells Hosea to take his money and buy her from the slavery auction. That has been my prayer here. That God would redeem our house financially and all who enter it by the Spirit. If you're praying folk, pray with me. May God redeem Gomer in whatever way he sees fit. May He wreck our hearts to a depth of hospitality that we cannot even fathom in our natural mind.

Learning God's grace through the spirit of hospitality.

Give to Gomer's House.


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