Talk to me, Abba.

In September, I was wounded by someone I love. My mom became ill. I had a miscarriage and am still dealing with the physical fallout of that. In October, we totaled out our car by hitting a feral hog and I have been having horrible neck and back pain. Our finances are crazy up in the air. Then, on our way to lead Bible study today, my van died. As Denbigh went to get a borrowed car, I just cried. I am not worried about God's provision. I'm not worried about our cars or anything else, I just cried a few tired tears. I spoke to Jesus asking him for some encouragement as he sorts this all out. Then I came in to the house and saw a custom order I have in progress. He hears us when we call. 
Blessed be his name.


Unknown said…
You are so very precious and I appreciate your heart. To not question His provision but to cry those tired tears...I can relate. I also love the way He ministers to our hearts in those times, so beautifully, so perfectly.
Oh Stephanie. I am so sorry. I am praying for you. Love you.
Jennifer said…
Sometimes we just need to cry. Saying a prayer for you, I am sorry your family has struggled these past few months. {hugs}
maggie may said…
you are so very, very loved.
may God carry you in this time of being weary.
may He replenish you and revive you as only He can.
much love, sweet, dear friend.

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