Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. I thought I would tell you all some things I am thankful for. My husband often teases me for being so chipper and finding the silver lining in horrible situations. Even my blood type is B positive. I actually have a hard time sharing negative things, but in learning to do it because God gets glory in His answering. That wouldn't be so if we never spoke of them or grieved them. There is a season for everything. Grieve when you need to. Have joy in hope always. I have found that thankfulness is directly tied to joy. We really have it good here, everyone. Sure we have financial struggles or relational ones, but in constrast to the world, we are spoiled rotten. We are rich. We have so much and we have Jesus. 

I am thankful for running water, a husband that is kind, three girls I never thought I would have, love within my family where there was a lifetime of pain. I'm thankful for the gift of a car and donations to get another one. I'm grateful for good neighbors and people who share their resources to help us love others. I'm thankful for sweet grace. I have a good church. I have beautiful friends. I am surrounded by people who have that kind of love for Jesus that it radiates from their face. My friends love to pray. My friends love to help and give. I genuinely think it is a rare and beautiful gift. I'm grateful for the people at my church that are passionate about scripture. I'm thankful that I get to sit at a table with my family tomorrow and share love and delicious food. I'm grateful for getting to paint, write, speak, and be hospitable. I often think, amidst the hardship that I am living the dream. What are y'all thankful for?

Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! Love y'all. 


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