What is Your Kryptonite?

What is your kryptonite? I mean, what is it that drives you nuts and makes you grumpy or rude? I have a thing that drives me nuts and I try to work on it, but sometimes, I am not sure at all what to do with it. That thing is whiny, self-indulgent behavior. Complainers. It's not any complainers either. It's people who know better. It's like when Paul says that he better do what he has been preaching lest he be disqualified. We who tell people about the amazing grace of God should be the last to complain.

I can usually make it to complaint or adult temper tantrum number 50 and then I snap. Ugliness isn't going to be tolerated any longer. I just haven't figured out how to deal with that completely. I mean how many times do you have to ask a friend or family member to stop being ugly? I just get to the point of deciding not to engage the negativity anymore. Then, I feel bad. What's a girl to do? I mean, if the world was as cute about it as Eeyore, it would be easier to deal with. Send help.

Wallowing in grace.

Here are some pictures from The Wild 
(where we are serving this summer).
The waterpark.
The lake outside my window.
Inside the "Beastro."
A sassy bass player, drummer, and electric guitarist respectfully.
The inside of the ark.
This is the outside of the cabins. There are fire poles and slides in them.
The train.
Here is a picture of one side of the life size ark that is being built. Inside is where worship and fun will games will happen.
Here is my latest creation. I sell my artwork to fund Gomer's House.
See it on Etsy.


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