Clean Your Sink Naturally

So, you have a funky drain or rings around your fixtures. Are people always telling you to buy Lime Away, Ammonia, or Draino? I don't know about you, but the idea of having needless toxic chemicals around the house does not appeal to me. I don't ever want my children to come into contact with them in any form. Here's the skinny on cleaning out your drain.

*Pour half of a cup of salt in your drain. (This breaks up fats)
*Pour a half to a cup of baking soda down your drain.
To feel like you are getting to do a grown up science experiment volcano, *add a cup or two of vinegar.
Wait thirty minutes.
*Add a kettle full of boiling water to rinse the drain. 
Do this in your bathrooms and kitchen about once a month.

There is also a handy plastic tool you can buy to clean your drain. Zip-It Clean.

If you still have a clog or foul smell, unscrew the P-Trap under the sink and clean it out. It is quite simple.

How to Clean a P-Trap -- powered by ehow

You can use vinegar to clean you faucets of hard water deposits. Soak your shower head in vinegar to unclog it. There are a myriad of uses, naturally speaking.


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