My Big Bottom Blessing by Teasi Cannon

I laughed when I received the invitation to review this book. At first, I may have balked because it looked a bit cheesy to me. I thought it was just another book about a woman obsessed with getting what she wanted from God. I decided to review the book anyway. It might be a fun, easy read.

It came in the mail and I found myself hiding it in my purse when I would go out or laying it upside down on the table so no one would see the title. I realized that I was trying to hide it like I would a big bottom!

First, let me tell you that this book is not what you would think it to be at all. Teasi pulled out all the stops. She brought words to pain and abuse that happens to most of us in life. I was locked in at Chapter One. I think she has brought forth real, raw emotions that many of us are too "Christian" to put words to. We act like we need to have it all together because we are in Christ and quite frankly, we give each other performance anxiety. Teasi stepped up out of that and laid out all the nasty details of what she has felt and the nasty memories she dealt with since being in Christ.

One thing I really appreciated and stirred my thoughts was the portion on how we still have orphan tendencies even though we are adopted. A list is laid out for us to see where we are not trusting God and still shoving extra rolls in our pockets instead of trusting our loving Father to provide for us.

Beloved, beautiful women of Christ, read this book and embrace the freedom Christ offers you in it's wisdom.

This book was graciously provided for review by Worthy Publishing.


Rachelle said…
thanks again for your book reviews. I want to read nearly every book you write about...I just ordered love does by bob goff and I am looking forward to reading this one, as well..
thanks :)

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