Friday, March 16, 2012

Let's Break Bread in Shiro, TX

Denbigh and our family seem to live in the car. We are always going from one worship gig to another. One road we travel frequently takes us through a little town called Shiro. This town has the best roadside plant nursery I have ever been to. I love it.

A little under a year ago, I noticed a little hole in the wall restaurant pop up. I loved the name, Let's Break Bread. We probably drove by it a handful of times. On our way home this last time, I asked Denbigh if we could stop. I looked them up online and low and behold they had a website and it was plastered with scripture. 

We went in and were greeted with lovely country charm. Our food was good, down home cafe style fare. The part I loved was how the owner took time to pray with us before we ate. It was beautiful. These two sisters quick their jobs in the oil industry to pursue something that honored God and family. What a testimony. Next time you drive through there, stop on by.

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