French Dip Sandwich

This is one of my pregnancy cravings. The recipe you will normally find has sherry and shallots in it. I adapted it to the likes of our family. I added a clove of garlic and some delicious mushrooms. It is really quick and easy.
Brown your meat in the butter and garlic. You can also add a hint of pepper here. While this is going on, have the buns toasting in the oven at 350 with the cheese melting on the top portion of the open bun. 
 You can see it starting to change colors.
Prepare your consume (or beef broth) with mushrooms and pepper. 
Dip roast in sauce and place on bun. Scoop some mushrooms from the sauce and place on meat.
You can add a little extra cheese if you would like.
Close the sandwich and fill your dipping bowls to dip them into. This whole process is an average of 15 to 20 minutes and it is yummy.
Buon Appetito.


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