We Traffic Ourselves

I have been reading quite a bit about sex trafficking lately. I have even been doing it on purpose. This is a really weird thing for me to do for many reasons, but I wanted to think about it alot. I wanted the testimonies to be seared in to my heart so that I would not be dulled to the afflictions of these people who were also hand crafted in the image of God. I must say, I get nauseated most of the time reading the accounts. I cannot forget. I have become desperate to give and to pray...so I keep reading the stories.

I was curious how many people in the United States are trafficked each year. They estimate about one hundred thousand. I read that sex trafficking is a 45 billion dollar a year business globally. 45 billion dollars.

I sat there reading this article and I wondered what we traffic in the church. I know, how could I think the church would ever traffic anything? Wake up, people. Fake Jesus is big business. Just peruse the top ten Christian book lists. It's all about us getting the very best of the best for our best. I don't remember that part of the gospel.

I have a question. If you had to explain the gospel to someone, what would you say? Would you use this prayer out of the Purpose Driven Life?

"Wherever you are reading this, I invite you to bow your head and quietly whisper the prayer that will change your eternity. ‘Jesus, I believe in you and I receive you.’ Go ahead. If you sincerely meant that prayer, congratulations! Welcome to the family of God! You are now ready to discover and start living God’s purpose for your life” (pp58-59).

I hate to tell you this, but praying this prayer does not make you a member of the family of God. There is no talk of repentance. Which Jesus is it even directed at? This is not the gospel. If you are doing things and serving at a church that does not proclaim the gospel, you are being trafficked. You are being brought in and sent out for someone else's gain. Anyone can mention the name of Jesus, but to proclaim the narrow gate, hard road gospel is a rarity. It truly is a small crowd. There is alot of money to be made and alot of buildings to be built. Fake Jesus is a cash cow.

Are we selling ourselves out for a better life, better marriage, better car, or bigger church? Are you longing for Jesus or the things you think He should give you?
What gospel is your church preaching?

The largest church in the world claims to be Christian, but it does not preach or teach the true Jesus of the gospel. Who are they working so hard for? Who are you?

"He said to them, "Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able to."
-Luke 13:24

Part Two Tomorrow.


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