Window in a Glass House

It is from a deeply vulnerable state that I write this blog. Perhaps you have read Shirley Walker's book "Window in a Glass House." Basically there is a saying as a member of a church staff you live in a glass house. People watch you like a television show and applaud or ridicule you at will. Her story is one of extreme ridicule. People who claimed to love them were just as ready to tear them limb from limb when the stones started getting thrown. 
Sometimes I feel like that. Sometimes I look at the other glass houses and I wish I could sew them curtains so they could heal in private. Maybe that's what we are trying to do with Gomer's House.

The enemy is prowling around like a roaring lion. Even if you say things "nicely" as in asking for help and you have not gone to the source, you still defame the character of leadership. Go to the source and then take the next Biblical measure. Also, if you think you are more spiritually mature than someone you hardly know, you may want to pray about who is putting those thoughts in your head.  Don't let the enemy use you to cause division where God is hard at work to glorify Himself.

Some rules about attacking the glass house: 
Stay away from their family and stay away from their relationship with Jesus. 
Pictures from Mother/Daughter Weekend.
PS. I thought that if we have to live in a glass house we should at the very least have a storm cellar. Then I realized that we would always be in it. 


Jennifer said…
Oh, if there was only a storm cellar.

I didn't realize the whole glass house thing before I married Justin. It is difficult sometimes having everyone pick you apart and to have 300 bosses. This is why I love your Gomer's House project. I think it is so necessary that ministers have a place of respite to go. Most of the time they just hide under the covers in their beds and cry from frustration. I am praying for God's provision and leadership in the development of Gomer's House.
Tiffany Atwood said…
Don't you mess with my girl! I rebuke your enemies in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!!! Oh, I'm getting fired up.
Tiffany Atwood said…
Is Laomai eating biscuits & gravy in that picture?? It sure looks good! :)
Steph Cherry said…
I am okay, TIffany. There has just been so much warfare for everyone after the pastor transition. It is very disheartening . . . and yet thrilling to see that God is up to something!

She is eating chicken and gravy. I had made her tiny pieces to dip and she picks up the one piece I didn't cut up and dunks it. Oh well. Live it up, girlfriend!!!

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