I am Woman. Who am I?

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A Woman VP. Who is raising her family? I don't know. I do know it isn't her. That makes me ache for her and her children. That has raised a lot of questions. I have read so many blogs and articles about people who say women should not work outside the home. On the flip side many people are applauding this choice and the female agenda. Where do you find the right biblical ground? I have to admit I get irritated by the left wing and the right wing. I get irritated by the Christian commentators and bloggers who share judgment without kindness. Yet again, I worry about what this woman will actually contribute to us when she chooses to contribute so little to her own family.

 Who are we as women?

Titus two says we are meant to be disciplers. What if you make your living as a Bible teacher? There are people who say you shouldn't be more well known than your husband. There are people who say you shouldn't work. There were women in the Bible who worked. Let's take the Proverbs 31

P31 was making land deals and planting vineyards. What I do notice is that most of what she did was in support of her family. I think in our culture we have the flipped the numbers. Instead of giving a percentage of our time to work and discipleship of others, we are giving a percentage of our time to our family. 

I have a hard time imagining someone else raising my children or discipling them. I have a hard time making it through nap time without wanting to see my daughter again. How could you work 12 hour days and get home to your kids already being in bed?

It's no easy task to stay home and support your husband and children. It's hard. Many people choose not to do it because it is hard. People are ugly about it. I can't tell you how many times people say to me that they don't have "that kind" of personality to stay home with their children. "That kind." The kind who chooses to educate and nurture her own children in the discipline, instruction, and character of the Lord while giving up her own agenda and comfort? The kind who desires for her children to see the love of God modeled for her children instead of hoping they learn it in a class? 

I am not making any kind of debate here. I simply want to applaud those who do what they feel convicted to do amidst the growing criticism and complete lack of respect for our job. For those of you who are judging women who are choosing to stay home, I ask you to consider the fact that you may be deriving more worth from your work than God. Otherwise, you would not feel the need to criticize your sisters in order to defend yourself. 
I cannot say it enough: kindness

I often find myself in situations where the Saints are relentlessly unkind to one another. I pray repentance over each of us. Remember, it's our mark. Our love for one another is what reveals that we are disciples. If we relentlessly attack from the pulpit, the back seat, our blog, or any other platform, we run the risk of no one knowing who we are. "Love on." Let them all know.

Are you trying to be someone's Holy Spirit? Are you loving others in truth and allowing room for God to do the work in their hearts? Are you judging or trying to convict others by your own convictions? Do you leave room for the idea that God is doing something completely different in other people? 
I took Denbigh on a trip to Dublin Dr Pepper in Dublin, Texas. You would have thought I took him to the moon he was so excited. (Disclaimer: I do not advocate gluttonous consumption of soda. Moderation.) It was interesting. It is the oldest Dr Pepper bottling company in the world. The draw is that they use pure cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. (Random side note: I read in a medical journal that high fructose corn syrup alters our DNA). 
Here are some photos.
Christianity is not a religion, it's a relationship." Really?


nicole's nickel said…
I liked your blog tonight, especially because I mused thinking about standing for family values and then choosing to give them up to live out another purpose, but who knows what God has spoken to her heart. Sometimes you got to wonder, "Did they hear Him right."(me included in the 'they')
Tiffany Atwood said…
This is hitting home on so many levels. Because how could anyone say that a woman, say like Beth Moore (who clearly is more "well-known" than her husband) is being ungodly or unbiblical? To say that God can't or shouldn't use women in high profile positions of influence and teaching is insulting. Not to me, but to our mighty and glorious God in Heaven - who can and will and does use anyone to fulfill His purpose on earth. Regardless of gender or race or belief even. We are made in His image too!

But this is something to pray on. Because when restlessness and dissatisfaction come upon me, it usually is in direct correlation to my feeling like I should be doing something "bigger or better" with my life. This is clearly a lie. There is nothing bigger or better I can do than to raise up godly sons and to love and edify my husband. But it's easy to get sucked into believing that everything else should get higher priority - even my calling, my service in Jesus' name.

This entry is good stuff. And we should not skip over it lightly - this responsibility as mothers and wives - as women.

Love you, Stephanie! And I found Voddie's blog interesting too. :)
Jennifer said…
Great, thought provoking post! I always enjoy reading your blog. You make me think, and that's GOOD!

I really like this post, it is so true and something my friends, several of us new moms, have been discussing recently. This is good food for thought for me to pass on to them at our weekly get together at the coffee shop with our kiddos. We like to have interesting discussions! Thanks Stephanie!!

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