Terribly Random

Here are some random thoughts for a supplemental post:

I am pregnant and want some Reeces Pieces. No store I go to in Austin has any. 
Is this a conspiracy?

I saw the trailer for Nicholas Sparks new movie Nights in Rodanthe with Anne the other night as we went to the movie. I really enjoy his literary style and decided to look up his biography. It tripped me up. He's young. He's had seven or so novels on the New York Times best sellers list. He runs nine miles a day and reads 125 books a year. I love to read...about 50 books a year. I can't afford 125 books a year. I guess I should step it up though. Can I borrow some books? :O) 

I was reading a blog post about John Piper's new book Spectacular Sins and how sin is ordained by God for His glory.
What are your thoughts on this? I would love to know.


Unknown said…
Hey Steph,

We always have Reeces Buttercups at our house! Let me know if you need any.

Love ya, Angela A.
Steph Cherry said…
:O) We should get together and eat them!!!!!!!!
susan said…
I definitely have books you can borrow! Maybe you can come over when you're in Austin and pick a few!
Tiffany Atwood said…
Oh, my sweet sister, Stephanie... I love you. We need to find you some Reese's Pieces girl! :) And I'm definitely going to pick up this book. I'm reminded of the Word in Romans that God works all things for good... Not for our good (although it usually is good for us), but for His good, His glory, His plan and His purpose! Praise Jesus! Also, when I see you next month! I'm going to bring you two novels - Deadline & Dominion by Randy Alcorn. GREAT reads!!!
Steph Cherry said…
Here is my question: I do believe God uses what the enemy intended for bad, but do you think He ordained sin?
Tiffany Atwood said…
Here are some first (and unresearched) thoughts - God hates sin. He can't even look upon us when we sin. And yet, He could have prevented the serpent from entering the Garden to tempt Eve, but He didn't. He could have interceded and stopped Eve from taking that bite, but He didn't. He could have stepped in and reminded Adam and told him to stand up and fight for Eve, but He didn't. Why? This is a question I've never even thought to ask. Did He just want to see what would happen? No. He knew. He is omniscient, all-knowing. He knew the beginning and He knows the end. So maybe He did, maybe He did ordain sin. Because without sin, would we love Jesus? I mean, truly, LOVE him. We wouldn't have even needed Jesus without sin. I don't know... I'll be taking this to Father. And I'm getting this book! :)

BTW, I'm in week 3 of BSF - and loving it! The boys are in too and it's so fun to have bible study with them each day - and we're studying the same Scripture. What a blessing.

Love you!

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