A Deliverer Comes

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On Saturday, I decided to sit down and read the book of Judges. Some of you out there are probably wondering what would compel a person to spend their Saturday in such a manner, but I found it highly entertaining and convicting.

It seems that almost every chapter starts out with God having to send Israel a deliverer. The deliverer comes. He delivers. Then people fall head over heels into idolotry. They cry out. God sends a deliverer. The cycle repeats and repeats. 

I could go on and on about idolatry and God's tender desire to draw us to Himself, but I saw something else here. I am thankful.

God is always leading my family to make the most counter cultural, least popular choices. People often make condescending remarks to us about our choices. I try very hard not to get emotional about the things people say and to extend love and grace.
I feel like the question always looming over me is
 "will you love ME and be obedient over your
desire for those people's good opinion?"

God used this realization that people will be unkind when you choose to follow Christ to make me grateful for the people who are sent out to us when we are wrapped up in our idolatry. 

I am grateful that God allowed our family to hear Voddie Baucham. His prophetic call to our generation has caused me to question and hold up to the light everything I have done and choose to do in my life. Do I agree with everything he says? No. I am completely thankful that he has chosen to do the unpopular thing and challenge every convention the church holds dear. He cries out for us to call attention to what we are truly worshipping.

Voddie Baucham gets a lot of angry response. I am sure he has a hate mail bin. I am thankful for him and everyone of our generation who is willing to endure ridicule in order to share the truth with the many who have veiled eyes. Thank you. Thank you for choosing to love God in the midst of startling adversity. . . even when said adversity is brought on by the Saints. Thank you for for allowing yourself to be an eye opening and heart convicting tool. I can say that your modern day crucifixion ministers to me. Thank you for loving the Lord. Thank you for taking a stand. Thank you for being willing to be hated so that someone else can know. 
Blessing be upon you.

Thank you for helping encourage many of us who thought we were not able or capable to do the thing Christ had called us to. 
We truly are fully able in Christ.

If you are standing up for Christ in the face of overwhelming adversity, ridicule, or hatred from your family, your friends, or your church, I pray for your encouragement, your faith, and your strength at this very moment. Know that your reward is great in Heaven. God is your portion now and forever. Christ, our deliverer, is desperate for you to know how much you are worth to Him. Press on.

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