Hosea's Hurt

Uncle Mike and Laomai I have been studying the book of Hosea relentlessly in an effort to write a study. Hosea married a prostitute and spent the first few chapters of his book trying to get her to stay home in safety and she keeps going back to her addiction even though she has people who love her and safety. In the rest of the book it goes on to talk about how we, as God's chosen people, are like Gomer (Hosea's wife).
We choose idolatry every time.
God recently opened my eyes to Hosea's plight. I have stared into the face of countless loved ones begging them not to go on the way they were. My uncle died at 45 after wrestling with the pursuits of this world. My brother, Clint, overdosed 2 years ago (at 38). Now I am looking at my brother, Mike, sitting in a hospital with cancer ravaging his body.
On Friday he had a stroke.
He is 36 years old.
What do we have to do in order to get people to not choose alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, pornography, lust, lies? I am mad. In fact, I'd say I am pissed off! I am tired of watching the enemy steal entire lives and ravaging bodies. I am angry. Right now, I wish I could punch the enemy in the face, grab Gomer by the hair and drag her home.
Gomer, the door is wide open to you. Come home.

When I have a bad day God always sends me random things I think are funny (in my weird sense of humor). I caught one with my phone. This guy who pumped gas next to me looked just like the guy from Brooks and Dunn. That made me laugh. I love a good handle bar mustache.


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