Denbigh and I are blessed to be heading out of town to Copper Mountain, Colorado this week. I will not be posting my Tuesday Edition of "Terribly Interesting," but I wanted to extend to you a heartfelt plea. Read this book. Buy it for your friend. Buy it for your wife. Buy it for your mom. It will speak to deep places, wounded places in you that you didn't know existed.
Read. Absorb. Be healed.
We are a group of walking wounded pretending we are well. We maim and cut with our judgement and inflict on others the very hurt we received ourselves. No, it doesn't always manifest the same way, but it's there. I have noticed something among the female body of Christ. We have no idea how to act. We hide venom behind politeness.
As I prayed for healing myself I realized some things. Shyness is a result of wounding and very often rooted in pride. It can very well be sin. It is because we focus so much on self and what others think of us. I prayed to be set free from it and to be able to tell people that I deeply love them and care about them. Do you know what I found out? This kind of raw, intimate emotion freaks people out. But this is how Christ tells us to live. About 99.9 percent of the time I get weird looks and a less than response in return. That .1 percent drives me. That's you. The people who claim the call, accept the love, and wallow in the grace. Read the book. Be terribly interesting. Do not be afraid any longer. Live your life as Christ intended. Freely give as you have freely received. Be loved. Be loving. Be lovely. Captivate.
A group of us south of Austin are starting the dvd study that goes along with the study starting on January 15th. Please join us. Contact Angela Wheeler if you would like to join us. She is a .1 percent and beautiful.


Tiffany Atwood said…
Amen! This book has ministered to my soul in a way that no other book has - other than the Bible itself. This book did begin a process a healing of wounds I didn't even know were there. I am praying for God to make a way for me to attend a Captivating retreat in CO this year. I can't say enough things about what this book can do for the hearts of Christian women everywhere!

Enjoy your rest in CO! Love you guys!
Anne Smith said…
just want to tell you that you are loved deeply and so are your cats.
Anne Smith said…
steve fed your cats and came home and asked why there was a giant bottle of mexican vanilla on your piano. it freaked me out as i thought maybe the raccoons were having a party. turns out it's a candle scented w/ vanilla. men.

ps i loved that book.
Unknown said…

This kind of raw, intimate emotion freaks people out.

...this explains why people often respond to me the way they do...
Unknown said…
Your raw, intimate emotion has brought me much healing and shown me that it is okay to express those emotions to others.

I wish I could join your study.

I love you.


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