A Blessed New Year To You

As I was thinking of writing this blog a hundred ideas flooded my head. First I thought I'd confess that I don't care if the people at Walmart wish me a "happy holiday" or a 'Merry Christmas." Forcing people to bend to our political agenda (and that's what it is)only covers up the darkness of their heart and their desperate need for our prayers. I just don't remember Christ ever trying to fight "the man" so I won't either.

I thought I'd tell you about how amazing I think my daughter is and how this year has full on altered my life for all time. God is at work. Mostly, I thought that I would tell you how I yearn for you to know and feel the intimate love of God in this year to come. I have no idea who most of you are, but I pray for you and get on my face asking God that He will use you in a powerful way. I pray you a humble heart to receive and to give. May your passions be ignited this year! May God Himself bless you in all fullness and abundance.

I am attaching our 2008 22ONE7 Ministry Newsletter here. They are getting put in the mail this week as well. Love and Blessing to you all.

If you are unable to view the Newsletter, click here:

Newsletter Page One

Newsletter Page Two


Tiffany Atwood said…
I adore these pictures of Laomai - especially her at the piano. So cute!

Unknown said…
What a beautiful little girl. I love that first picture! I can't wait to get my newsletter! I am not letting myself view it online because I want to read it in my hands!

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