A Terribly Interesting Week

This past week was one of the only times I have seen my husband in 12 weeks. That, in and of itself, makes the week terribly interesting. I also experienced many other lovely things I shall list to thank God for sharing with me.

1. 3 years of beautiful, wonderful marriage to my godly husband and best friend.

2. Solitude on the lake.

3. The splendor of God's people displayed at Carolina Creek Christian Camp.

4. Being in a place where God chose 730 people (out of 4,000 campers this year) to become His children and profess Jesus Christ as Savior.

5. Learning that our DNA forms itself by sound waves and then hearing the verse in the book of Genesis where God called the world into being with His voice.

6. Seeing my husband loving Jesus Christ with the gifts that are in him (and being appreciated for it).

7. Wanting to buy a tea house/bed and breakfast with Emily and Melissa.

8. Handing the final draft of my first book over to a publisher!

9. Due to pregnancy induced lunacy, entering into a men's bathroom at a gas station and seeing my first man at a urinal. (I may never recover from that)

10. Finding a part of myself, something wildly creative and somewhat childlike, that the enemy has long tried to keep buried.

11. Clearly hearing the Word of God and acting on it for myself and others no matter how they receive it. (I have found that everyone loves a prophet when they are speaking to others and attack them when they are spoken to. I am sure that is why so many in the Bible were killed. We do like our ears tickled.)


Unknown said…
That is a terribly interesting week! I would like more detail on number 10 please...
22One7.org said…
It is that place when you are young before you understood discouragement or ridicule and you just drew or wrote or sang because it was natural. It is the throwing off of what hinders. The childhood longing has returned. The longing to make pottery or draw a skyline just for the sheer pleasure of doing it. It is a place of rest. It is a reconnecting in a pure way with our creator God.

Like the line from whatever book we read-Was it Captivating or something by Mark Buchanan?
"We all have an inborn desire to create. It isn't when you started being creative. It is, when did you stop?"
Melissa said…
All I can picture is the look of horror on your face as you opened that bathroom door!

Terribly Interesting, indeed!
Unknown said…
Wow, Steph. I don't even know what to say. I yearn for the same rest...
22One7.org said…
Man bathrooms are quite disgusting!

Emily- I pray that you find that rest at 606 Center Street!

May we all get a peice of it there.

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