The Verdure of Life

I recently bought a book because of the title,
A Place To Live.
I believe I heard Audrey Hepburn say that about Paris once. It is a place you come alive. A place you thrive. I do not live in Paris, but I am definitely experiencing the verdure of life.

My dear friend, Emily, and I recently found the word verdure in a devotional we do together and fell in love with it. The devotional is Come Away, My Beloved. The word verdure means lush vegetation or a fresh or flourishing condition. I have no idea how I got here, except by the power and allure of the Holy Spirit.

To the credit of my wonderful husband, I have not been to work in 3 years. That has left me free to read, write, paint, plant, love, and equip the saints. Emily and I will soon celebrate our 1 year anniversary of doing weekly Bible study together. I have watched her become a beautiful, captivating, Spirit-led woman. Yesterday, I got to hold Melissa's, one of my closest friends, 4 year old son, Rory, as she and her husband submerged themselves in the watery grave of the baptismal to rise in the newness and fullness of life in Christ.

The Verdure of Life.


Melissa said…
Its interesting to me how 1 book can speak to so many people. Every time I open up Come Away, it speaks directly to me in the moment I'm currently living. I suppose I shouldn't be so surprised, God has done many more amazing things. said…
You know, the entire book is scripture she has put together. Scripture is living and active so it can speak to you exactly where you are. I love that book! It always has a Word for me. Everyone should read it.

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