Center of the Whirlpool Galaxy

I saw this at Carolina Creek Christian Camp this week and found it quite interesting. This is at the center of the furthest galaxy the Hubble Telescope has photographed.

The galaxy's massive center, the bright ball of light in the center of the photograph, is about 80 light-years across and has a brightness of about 100 million suns. Astronomers estimate that it has a mass 40 million times larger than our Sun. The concentration of stars is about 5,000 times higher than in our solar neighborhood, the Milky Way Galaxy. We would see a continuously bright sky if we lived near the bright center.


Unknown said…
Very cool! COME HOME!!! :)
suzi said…
Did you notice the cross in the center? said…
Emily~ I am coming home tomorrow. See you then. :-) Thank you for all the nights you have spent with Kevin Bacon. I am sure he enjoyed your lap.

Suzi, Denbigh says,"are you kidding?" We put it up there because of the cross at the center. love you!
Melissa said…
I noticed the cross at the center! Very cool!

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