The Boho Table

A little over ten years ago, I lost my second brother to liver related illness. Mike's death propelled me to begin searching beyond my shyness in order to help the drug addict, the lonely, and those looking to love them. We sold our perfect little home in a white picket fenced neighborhood and waited for almost an entire year for God to show us what to do next. I was in no way prepared for the 3 story, 100 year old mansion that we settled in. It had sat empty for over twenty years. There was no insulation, no heat or a/c, no kitchen, etc. I really can't wrap my mind around that. We lived in Texas with no air conditioning for five years. I was pregnant a few of those years as well. God has cultivated a plethora of things in our waiting. We have seen rivers in the desert. In all humility, we are still waiting on some things. We are waiting on our balcony to be replaced, our house to be painted, a new oven, and more.

One of the great things about God is how he gives us kingdom things in our waiting that we could not receive in plenty. He never stops working on our hearts. I don't have any blood siblings left, but God has taken the pain of my heart and turned it into something beautiful. At first, it was just the boldness to invite around 1,400 people to eat at our table. That grew into a deep love of feeding, serving, and listening to homeless people.
A group of my girlfriends started our journey at Mission Waco serving at Church Under the Bridge. Every time we went, we were asked what church we represented. Truth be told, none of us attended the same church, belonged to the same denomination, or even lived in the same city. They told us we needed a name, so we came up with one. Kingdom Gypsies. We have since also become part of a homeless small group of about 60 people, volunteer regularly at the Trinity Center in Austin, and distribute clothing downtown in Austin.

If you know me, you know that I have also fallen madly in love with Haiti. My friend Christy is the Executive Director of an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. I never really had a desire to go there or be part of foreign missions, but God had other plans for me. I had the distinct impression that if I wanted to pray for my friend Christy and her husband effectively, that I needed to get on a plane. That was three years ago. I've been going to Haiti ever since. This December will be my third trip there in 2019. I have come to love a young homeless woman there and my hope is to help fund her to have employment at the orphanage.

Through the years, all the ministries we provided have functioned separately. In this past year, we have been feeling the need to put them all together. As we tried to come up with a common theme, I saw the table in everything we do. It was as if our table grew right out the front door and went into other cities and another country. Even worship is partaking in the table communion of God. What do you name a traveling table? I was not sure. All I knew was that I wanted it to not be too churchy, so that people who had been hurt by the church would eat at our table and that it would be fun. When I thought of our group of women that serve, the Kingdom Gypsies, the word Boho came into my head. The Boho Table. I thought it was too crazy, but my husband convinced me that it was perfect. He reminded me repeatedly what an outside-the-box thinker I am. Here I am...not getting in the conventional box that wasn't meant for me.

I wrote a blog about having a dream about a house and it coming true. When I went to that house and sat at that table, God birthed something. He birthed this table. He opened up my heart to be willing to tell my story and diligently search for other people's stories.
He showed me how much I need people around me to make this all work. It's in women's refreshing getaways. It's leading a Bible study. It might be in a women's night at the table or on a podcast. It might be worshipping under a bridge. I am trusting God to do whatever he wants at the table. Come sit with me.

Step into the story:

I was recently on a podcast. Redemption's Table: Click here to listen.


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