Raising Great Girls by Darlene Brock

This title grabbed at me. It's what we moms of girls long for. We want to give them the skill set to become great women who cultivate what is good, beautiful, and true in their grown up lives. I yearn for them to give life to the world around them. As with most mothers, I internalize all of the ways they are not living up to this potential. Their unkind choices must reflect on me personally, right? Darlene reminded me that we are on a journey of becoming and I am mentoring my girls to greater good. They come to us in a sinful state and we must constantly show them the good God calls them too.

She has many brilliant points about standing up against culture for the hearts of our girls. Culture is calling our girls toward death and we must call them back to life. Boundaries are good and purposeful no matter who speaks against it. Darlene offers such wisdom that lines up with biblical principles. She encourages us to raise competent adults instead of craving to a society that tells you to do everything for your kids and never let them lose. Our objective is to grow them in grit and grace.

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I was thumbing through my journal yesterday and I came across a list I had made while reading Raising Great Girls. List 10 Strengths. It was a little hard to get going, but then the ideas came easier and easier. It helped me to see that I have a lot of talents that God had been cultivating over my lifetime. I also came to see how I was too emotionally drained to share these things with my children. I was withholding gifts from them unawares. I’ve been trying to feed my soul more so that I can share more. I’m trying to write. I’ve set aside striving for prayer. Joy is coming. It bubbles up and I’m simply enjoying the simple moments of my life. (Chayah’s Joy Bird and my Joy Bird: an ode to the beautiful women of Haiti) #haiti #joy #watercolor #acrylic #pen #canvas #instaartist #bird
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