Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids: Devotionals

I wanted to share some devotionals and a Bible that my girls have been enjoying. My almost 11 year old is loving the Brave Beauty dev. She spends time with it every night before she goes to bed. It takes courage to do beautiful things, to come out of darkness as well as helping others out of darkness. Inside you'll find prayers, quizzes, and calls to courage. It is a well-designed book for preteens and teens. It's part of the Faith Girlz collection written by Lynn Cowell, part of the Proverbs 32 Ministries team. You can buy it here:

Adored 365 is great devotional for teen girls. The layout is beautiful. After each short reading, there is a space to pray or write thoughts. As I read through it, I loved how the author, Lindsay A. Franklin, kept the focus of the reader on the attributes of God. She continually invites the reader back to trust in God. It's a great way to start the day for young women. 

This isn't something I would usually be interested in, but I have a girl who loves Star Wars. I thought it might be cheesy or skewed in some way, but I am actually impressed. The sections have areas highlighting where the wisdom is in the book. One page had a section asking "Why Did Jesus Have To Die?" It goes on to clearly present the gospel. Other than that, it's just God's word. It would make a good gift for any Star Wars fan and could be a good way to start a conversation of faith.

These books were graciously provided for review by Zondervan Publishers.

May your Christmas be full of the beauty of Christ!

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