I read Hope Unfolding by Becky Thompson

When I saw the cover of this book, I knew I had to read it. Whoever designed this cover did an amazing job. It made me feel peaceful and drawn to it. Once in the pages, I felt no different. I felt like Becky was simply talking to me the entire time I read her book. It was as if I was sitting across the table from a dear friend. There are so many things we can identify with in her narrative. 

She had plans to marry a pastor and have a certain type of life for herself. God directed her another way and her life seemed to unfold much differently than she expected. She ended up in the middle of nowhere a bit disheveled and depressed until God started to spark a fire in her heart for blogging. From there on we follow her through heartbreak and success. It's a great salve for a mama's heart. No matter how awesome you or your kids are, motherhood makes you weary because you continually pour out a huge amount of everything you are to do it. We all need these little reminders to keep going. We are not alone.

(Graphic Content) In one part of her book she talked about a miscarriage. She knew it was happening and ended up holding her unborn fetus in her hand. She wrapped it up and took it to the hospital in her purse. It stirred some serious memories because this happened to me. It has to be one of the most sobering things I have experienced in life. Sometimes when we go through things like this, it's easy to question if it is real or not because there is no tangible evidence. It all happened inside your body. This however shocks the heart awake. It feels like the loneliest place to be, but thankfully we know that we are not alone. Thanks, Becky.


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