Your Sacred Yes. by Susie Larson

I enjoyed this book immensely. I reveled in much of it. Page by page, it not only taught me deep heart lessons about serving God exclusively, but it preached gospel truth into my weary soul. I cannot tell you how many times I stare into the face of situations I am dealing with and simply want someone to preach the gospel to me. There are many angry, self-righteous voices looming in the body of Christ. It is a beautiful reminder when something like this comes along. We only serve one Master. There is no need to let the opinions of others (or our own opinions) dictate our schedule how we deal with things in our life. What rest! What joy! Our God revels in grace and service to him. If he calls us to something, we must be all in, but we don't have to be that way with anything else. 

Gary Thomas wrote that Susie's book made him want to be a person who drinks from a deeper, quieter well. I agree. I have reevaluated so much. I have words underlined on nearly every page. We all feel this pressure to go where people are pulling us, but we have this divine gift of using our "no" to sanctify and protect our "yes." We can be on a life-giving path. We can resolve to refuse to go on any path with anybody where God is not directing us. Then we are free to dive in to the sacred journey Christ calls us to. 

This book was graciously provided by Bethany House Publishers for review.


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